The River of Life is God's Divine Being of Light flowing as Pure Love, carrying the soul beyond this demension of Creation into high worlds of Beauty where the Wild Christ freely pours out Love.
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I see the colored waters ripple,
reflected glories of a distant shore,
though dim the vision,
it touches deeply
and causes me to love God more.

I hear sweet laughter
through the waters,
muffled though the laughter be,
born of beauty waiting after
I ascend unto the free.

Heaven's river, Heaven's river,
I can see your waters bright,
every color swirls within you,
interblending into white.

Jesus walks in Heaven's river,
waters pounding on each side,
He treads upon the surging splendor
as paths to glory open wide.

Glory, glory streams from Jesus!
all my heart, it yearns to dive,
into the gurgling, roaring, laughter:
I plunge through death--
and am alive!

Oh, the beauty of these waters
flowing out of God's own cup;
into the deepening golden murmur,
my soul immerses
swallowed up.

Total glory floods around me,
and drowns me down in warm embrace,
a current strikes my soul asunder
and sweeps me through with liquid grace.

Bursting cataracts of glory,
flushing through my very being,
I am flooded with the river,
fully hearing,
feeling, seeing.

Wholly jewel-like is the river,
fluid beauty flowing in,
all is music, all is laughter
where once dwelt my mortal sin.

Warm and bubbling waters rumbling,
gaining speed and racing wild;
I am turning, tumbling, laughing,
singing like a little child!

Sudden glory blasting upward!
flinging through deep space's night,
safe the child within the bosom
of this liquid rush of light.

Pearly arrow, like a comet
shatters through a starry sphere,
catching shimmers of the starlight,
flashing like a molten mirror.

Heaven's lucid gleaming river
as a living torrential fall,
cascades back unto the golden,
august, endless source of all!

Now the light and music increase
a thousand times what was before!
the river comes to rest a blazing,
neath my feet is Heaven's shore.

The shining glory of the river
wells me forth from its embrace:
crystal clear, my soul emerges,
meeting Jesus
face to face...

Feel free to pass this poem on or use it any way other than commerically without written permission.
Poem © Blake Steele 1982
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